What kind of food does Clearview offer?

To ensure optimal nutrition for all our guests, we serve PRO PAC® Minichunks, PRO PAC® Lamb & Rice, Royal Canin Low Fat Veterinary Diet, PRO PAC® Puppy Food and PRO PAC® Cat Adult formula. If you would like to provide your own pet food, please pre-bag it according to each meal. Please refrain from large bags and containers filled with pet food.

What are the required vaccinations my pet should have?

For dogs, we require them to have their current rabies, DHPP and bordetella vaccinations. For cats, we require them to have their current rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.

Puppies are required to have their first two sets of vaccinations before arrival. We encourage all dogs to have the bordetella vaccine two weeks prior. We recommend your pet be treated with flea and tick solution prior to their visit.

What articles CAN I bring in for my pet?

Items we encourage are any toys that can be chewed on. These items will contain your household smells and make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. We can not be responsible for items lost or eaten. All items should be clearly marked with the owner's last name. All articles brought in with pets will be returned clean as we frequently wash bedding belonging to a pet guest.

What articles should I NOT bring in for my pet?

Items we discourage are any items you do not want your pet to chew on, any items that can't be washed and large pet beds. We provide comfy bedding such as plush blankets and hammocks.

What if my dog requires medication?

We will administer medications to dogs at scheduled times for an additional charge.

I never hesitate to recommend Clearview Pet Care to anyone needing both kennel and grooming facilities.— Roberta C.